Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Swap. Don't Shop

I like to dress fun and trendy with a twist of uniqueness. I appreciate clothing that you don't see everyone else wearing. I don't need designer labels or anything like that, I just like pieces that I feel good wearing that have a funky edge. I also like to have a lot of choices and tend to change up my wardrobe quite a bit. One way I am able to do this without breaking the bank is by swapping or trading clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories. (Please don't share or trade cosmetics, as this could spread bacteria)

Here are my tips and tricks for Swapping.....NOT Shopping:

Have a "Swap & Shop" party. Have your friends each bring clothing & accessory items they no longer want. (Make sure they know to bring "Gently Used" items....nobody wants your grungy yard work sweats, ok?) You can choose to set up the party anyway you want...You can pour all the bags out on top of a bed and everyone can dig feverishly through it or even display the items in a living room "boutique" way. Anything works really. The idea is to trade items with friends, that way everyone walks out with new items, and no one spends a dime.

I work in a Day Spa so I work with a large group of women. One day someone brought in a bag of old clothes and told everyone to sift through it and take what they wanted. The items were snatched up in a matter of seconds. This also got everyone else wanting to do the same thing, so they brought in bags just a few days later.  Giving: It's contagious.

I also love to frequent resale shops like Crossroads trading, Buffalo Exchange, and some locally owned shops that have a similar concept.  This, however can be a very frustrating, and even a bit humiliating, not to mention ego crushing! (BUT that was my FAVORITE dress when I was 10 lbs lighter! How could you NOT buy it?!?!). Unless you have designer label clothing & accessories in impeccable condition they most likely won't buy much from you, sad but true. You also have to bring in clothing that is the current season or call and ask what they are "buying now".  I have concocted a way of selling or trading clothing to these shops without getting your ego bruised. It will cost you a few bucks, but could pay off big in the end. Ok here goes.... go to your local thrift shop (if you live near an affluent neighborhood go to the closest thrift shop to that neighborhood) Look for Premium Designer jeans in ANY size. (Brands to look for: Joe's jeans, 7 for all mankind, Rock and Republic, Prps, Citizens of Humanity, Diesel, J Brand, Lucky Brand, Paige Premium Denim, True Religion) Make sure that the denim is in good condition. There is a difference between worn down and deconstructed (intended for the rips to be there) Deconstructed is good. Buy up all the premium denim treasures you can find. Then go back to your local trading post and trade all the premium denim you just snagged at the thrift store. Use the credit they give you for new (to you) fabulous threads!

I hope this helps you keep your wardrobe ever evolving. Stay Pretty!


  1. I love this! Great idea about the swapping of clothes. I found a pair of 7 jeans at Savers last year. It was like the best day of my life ;)

  2. It's such a rush when you find them! I love it!!!